Afsana disbanded in February of 2017, due to Akasha (troupe director) refocusing her energy into continuing to teach belly dance and further her fitness career. Various members of the troupe are still performing around the Twin Cities. Akasha continues to teach at Expertease Fitness.


Afsana was a Minneapolis-based fusion dance troupe made up of 23 different women and men over 10 years. Akasha was the troupe director throughout. They specialized in fusing many types of world dance, such as Tribal Fusion, SteamPunk, Asian, Gothic, Latin, African, Modern, Hip Hop and Bellydance.

Afsana hosted bi-annual workshops, bringing in amazing talent – such as Moria Chappell, April Rose, Sharon Kihara, Kami Liddle, Amy Sigil of Unmata, and Urban Gypsy – from all over the country to teach what they know to local dancers.  They also hosted bi-annual fusion dance showcases – RaqsAfsana showcases local semi-pro and professional dancers and Afsana’s Fusion Showcase features local and regional student and semi-pro dancers.