Akasha Afsana grew up dancing, literally. She took tap, ballet, and jazz starting at 3. Her advantage was that her parents had their own dance studio. Ballroom, Disco, Asian, and Latin were some of the styles they taught. Teaching her all the forms of dance they knew, she performed regularly with them and on her own. She loved it, and was very comfortable in front of an audience. Her first bellydance lesson was from her mother when she was just 7 years old. Outfitted in homemade Paisley harem pants and a scarf artfully tied around her chest, she was exuberant to learn. It was her favorite style of dance!

Akasha took up bellydancing full-time in 2002, studying at Cassandra Shore’s Cassandra School, Ammala Middle Eastern School of Dance, Sahar School of Middle Eastern Dance, and Al-Bahira Middle Eastern School of Dance. She has also studied under Zoe Jakes, Moria Chappell, Sharon Kihara, Kami Liddle, Ariellah, Darshan (Cammi Vance), Urban Gypsy, Frederique, Onca O’Leary, Silvia Salamanca and many more.

Having grown up performing so many forms of dance, it’s natural that Akasha would fuse many styles together. This was the foundation for her world-fusion dance troupe, Afsana, based in Minneapolis, MN. As Creative Director of Afsana, started in the Spring of 2006, Akasha performed many styles of dance, including Tribal Fusion, Dark Fusion, Folkloric, Bollywood, Balinese, Asian, and Steampunk.